Centre for Electronic Corrosion


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Technical University of Denmark

DK 2800, Lyngby, Denmark



CELCORR Laboratory

All facilities available to CreCon consortium members


Laboratory has various specilized equipments for electronic corrosion investigations


  • Single component electrolytic migraton set up with microclimatic chamber.
  • Multichannel test PCB set ups for PCB level testing.
  • Microelectrochemical set up for localized electrochemistry on PCBs.
  • Localized residue detection system for local leakage current measurements.
  • Ion chromatrograph for residue anlaysis.
  • C3 test system for localized flux residue analysis
  • IR mircoscope with ATR facility
  • Climatic and environmental chambers.
  • Cooling and heating stages for testing PCBAs at non-condensing and condensing conditions.
  • Multichannel electrochemical measurement consols.
  • Quartz crystal microbalance.
  • Ahesion measurement system.
  • Mechanical test rig and fixtures for ahesion measurements.
  • Atmospheric corona equipments.
  • Spin coater and UV curing equipments for conformal coating studies
  • Multi-channel humidity and temperature Measurements systems for humidity mapping
  • Reflow oven
  • Weight gain Measurement set ups for Water absorption studies
  • Sulphur corrosion set up


Other central facilities available for use:


  • Scanning electron microscope and EDX systems
  • Glow DIscharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (GDOES)
  • X-ray diffraction system
  • Hardness testers and nano-indentor
  • X-ray fluroscence analysis
  • Industrial scale plating labs and

Many more...