The effect of exposed climatic conditions on the functioning electronic device is a serious threat today due to a number of factors among which a key aspect is that the device enclosures are not strictly designed today to minimize the effect of the exterior climate (especially humidity and gases) on the interior parts of the device. Temperature variation is unavoidable to a great extent, while the uncontrolled humidity synergistically with temperature variation is more problematic. The IN SPE project aims to develop an industrial level methodology for “Enclosure design for electronic devices” for improving its climatic reliability.

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Prof. Rajan Ambat

Center Manager
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Dr. Morten S. Jellesen

Project coordinator

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Electronic corrosion testing

Climatic conditions

Humidity and temperature variation in the use environment influences corrosion thus overall reliability of electronic device.

Ionic contamination

Flux residues and contamination determines threshold climatic conditions for leakage and corrosion.

Protection strategy

Understanding of failure mechanism and selection of a method for corrosion protection.

Corrosive gasses

Corrosive gasses such as H2S, SOx,COS, NOx in the use environment accelerates corrosion and failure of electronics.