Specialized for electronic corrosion investigations

All facilities are available to our CreCon members.

List of equipment in CELORR laboratory:

  • Single component electrolytic migration set up with micro climatic chamber
  • Multichannel test PCB set ups for PCB level testing
  • Microelectrochemical set up for localized electrochemistry
  • Localized residue detection system for local leakage current measurements
  • Ion chromatography for residue analysis
  • C3 test system for localized flux residue analysis
  • IR microscope with ATR facility
  • Climatic and environmental chamber
  • Cooling and heating stages for testing PCBAs at non-condensing and condensing conditions
  • Multichannel electrochemical measurement consoles
  • Quartz crystal microbalance
  • Adhesion measurement system
  • Mechanical test rig and fixtures for adhesion measurements
  • Atmospheric corona equipment
  • Spin coater and UV curing equipment for conformal coating studies
  • Multi-channel humidity and temperature Measurements systems for humidity mapping
  • Re-flow oven
  • Water sorption analyser
  • Solder wetting balance
  • Sulphur corrosion set up

Other central facilities available for use:

  • Scanning electron microscope and EDX systems
  • Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (GDOES)
  • X-ray diffraction system
  • Hardness testers and nano-indentor
  • X-ray fluroscence analysis
  • Industrial scale plating labs